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Here is just an overview of the services we can offer. Each game is a unique experience, however, so please get in touch by e-mailing so that we can better understand your needs and provide you with a tailored solution.

App and Game Creation

Are you looking for new, innovative, and relevant ways to engage with your audience? A branded web or mobile game could be the answer.

We will work with you to create a game or app that highlights your brand, product, or current promotion to create engaging content that your audience will love.

Game Design

We offer a range of games design services from concept through to launch and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for help in documenting your own concept and producing pitch-ready materials or want an experienced ‘fresh pair of eyes’ on your existing work. We will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Free to Play Games Design

Do you know your ARPPU from your ARPDAU? There’s no question that games that are free to play attract more players than paid games and regularly earn more income. At the time of writing, 64 of the 65 top grossing games on Apple’s App Store are free to play games (source).

With a wealth of experience in designing freemium games, we can help you create a profit from games you give away for free!

Analytics Analysis

Analytics are an incredible way of seeing how your users interact with a product. We can help set up the analytics that are most important to you and your product. We can also monitor and analyse data that you may already have. From this, we will target metrics that you want to improve and adjust the game or app design accordingly.

With analytics we can see exactly how these changes affect a user’s experience and can increase key metrics such as average revenue per user and user retention.

User Interface and User Experience

Working from the ground up or by making changes to your existing design, we can work with you to improve your user’s experience and monitor how these changes affect key metrics.

We can see where users are dropping off and focus on that area to ensure that users become more engaged with the product.


We can create clear, concise documentation from a one page concept to a full game design document.

Whatever form your notes take, we can compile these into documentation that clearly communicates your ideas and can be used and understood by anyone on your team or for use in pitches.


+AsDesigned Games are dedicated to creating the very best gaming experiences on browser, mobile and tablet.



"Adam is extremely well versed in designing by stats as well as concepting original ideas for games. He is a very accommodating Designer who is happy to take into account technical considerations and can suggest design solutions from multiple angles for any given feature."

"Adam has strength in looking at player behaviour both in gameplay and monetization, and designing updates based around results."

- Lee Heir, Soshi Games



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