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  • Founded: May 2013


+AsDesigned Games are an independent British game developer making games for browser, mobile, and tablet devices.


+AsDesigned Games began when a group of former Realtime Worlds QA staff met in a bar in Dundee to discuss game development. This grew into designing our own games and creating prototypes under the name +AsDesigned Games.
It would be nearly three years until our part-time, hobbyist approach became a fully fledged independent studio, and work began in earnest on our first release, Godsweeper.


Godsweeper is a Minesweeper-style RPG in which you must recruit followers to your religion.
Uncover tiles to reveal followers in much the same way as you would reveal mines in a game of Minesweeper. The key difference is that there are multiple levels of followers, so each follower you uncover increases your level.
It’s divinity by numbers.


Godsweeper Teaser Trailer: YouTube

Godsweeper Launch Trailer: YouTube


Godsweeper01 Godsweeper02

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