Saving Britain's Red Squirrels


by Adam

Very early on in development of Impatient Squirrel, I decided that our hero was going to be a red squirrel. I wanted to raise a bit of awareness for one of Britain’s most elusive and rare mammals, and this in turn led to our charity links.

Firstly, I am very proud that we are able to work with the Red Squirrel Survival Trust. The RSST do great work in helping to protect red squirrels and raise awareness of the issues that are causing their numbers to slide.

Within the game, £2.00 of every RSST Bundle sold goes to the charity, so by playing the game you can potentially help save real-life red squirrels!


+AsDesigned Games have also adopted a red squirrel through the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The great thing about adopting a squirrel is that we also got an adorable soft toy, who’s been joining me at various games events across the country, most recently at Pocket Gamer Connects in London. He’s proved very popular but there’s one problem; he doesn’t have a name!

This is where we need your help. Can you give our furry friend a name? Please send any suggestions to us via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll reveal the winning entry next week.

Extra consideration will be given to Scottish names, anyone suggesting Cyril will be immediately disqualified because I know you can do better than that!



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