Marketing Brainstorm


by Adam

On Friday 16th May, I attended Meet the Games Press and Marketing Professionals at Innovation Birmingham. It was a great event and provided lots of great insight and advice for marketing your game and contacting and working with industry journalists.

The following day, I headed to GameCamp 7. GameCamp is unique in that there are no scheduled talks, you just turn up and check the timeline on the wall to see if there’s anything you want to go to. You can also host your own talk so long as there’s space available and you’re willing to share your opinions and ideas.

With Friday’s information still fresh in my mind, I decided to host an indie games marketing brainstorming session. The idea was to get some ideas as to how to get your game noticed and build an audience on little to no money. A key takeaway from Meet the Games Press was to have an angle that could set you or your game apart from the crowd, this would provide a story for the journalists writing about you. The developers of Legend of Dungeon lived in a tree to reduce costs, and received a lot of publicity because of this.

The marketing brainstorm was a collaborative effort between over fifteen developers, and can be seen in full below. There are some more common ideas such as running a dev blog; Barry Hemans from runs a dev blog for his game, Access, but the difference is that it’s hosted on Indie Haven, so receives many more views than it would if it were only hosted on his own site.

Mixed in with this are more extreme ideas such as doing some Dom Joly-esque pranks, which could end up with you being arrested, but again, that’s a great story to contact the games press with!

Feel free to use any ideas from the brainstorm to help promote your work, and if you have any more ideas, please let us know!


List of collaborators (who provided their details):

Adam Russell (host) - @AdamSRussell, James Brown - @Boneloaf, Florencia Minuzzi - @teapoweredteam, Barry Hemans - @Zhugie42, Daniel Ratcliffe - @DanTwoHundred, Ian Nicholls - @BaronLez, Alex Maw - @XJMaw, Adam Vian - @SFBDim, Geaorge Buckenham - @v21, Tom Vian - @SFBTom, Catherine Unger - @ungapants, Fausto Fonseca - @FaustoFonseca, Mae Rhodes - @Mae_OST

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