IGC 2015 Presentation


by Adam

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Indie Games Collective 2015. I think it’s important for indies to go to as many events as they can and talk about yourself and what you’re passionate about.

I am far from a confident speaker. I had a stutter when I was younger which went away for a few years but then came back, and I still get stuck on some words now. Because of this, public speaking terrifies me, but I’m a great believer in pushing yourself and doing things that scare you. Because of this I’m always offering to speak at events and show my games.

This talk was a bit different though, as it was Pecha Kucha style, which means that you have twenty slides of twenty seconds each, and the slides will automatically move on so if you overrun, tough. You’ve just got to try and recover as quickly as you can!

My talk on Improving Player Experience Through Signposting starts at the 08:35 mark, but it’s well worth watching all the talks from both the Pecha Kucha session and the rest of the two day event.

Thanks again to Byron, David, Jake, and everyone at IGC2015 for having me!


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