In the beginning…

+AsDesigned Games has had an interesting history. Formed initially by a small group of former Realtime Worlds QA testers following the company’s collapse in 2010, +AsDesigned Games was set up as a way to improve our respective CVs and portfolios as we tried to get back into work.


We would regularly meet up in a corner of our favourite Dundee bar and work on new game concepts, which over the following weeks would become playable prototypes. We dreamed of releasing a title under the +AsDesigned Games banner, but for better or worse we were all able to find jobs before anything was ready to release.

With our small team now all employed across the UK and Europe, communication died down and it became clear that we couldn’t dedicate the time needed to release our game.


Over the following years, we tried a new project but this too suffered as our day jobs made more and more demands on our time.


But then…

In June 2013, Adam Russell left his job as lead designer at Soshi Games and took the plunge to work full time as +AsDesigned Games. Working with a programmer from the University of Birmingham, they released Godsweeper, a minesweeper-style RPG, to browsers in November 2013.


This became the debut release for +AsDesigned Games, more than 3 years since the first meeting in Dundee.


Next up…

+AsDesigned Games are now working on a new project that initially began with the original team in 2011. Over the coming years, we aim to grow into a successful studio releasing multiple games on mobile and tablet devices.


As a fledgling studio, we know things won’t always be easy, but by creating the very best gaming experiences we can, and with the support of the gaming community, we know that we can make this work.


Thanks for reading

Adam Russell

Founder & Designer


+AsDesigned Games are dedicated to creating the very best gaming experiences on browser, mobile and tablet.




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